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Transdisciplinary Centre for Nature and People

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The Transdisciplinary Centre for Nature and People (TCNP) is a dynamic and multi-disciplinary team working across multiple continents, at all geographic scales, using innovative and novel approaches to have real-world impact. The TCNP takes a systems-based approach to exploring the people-nature nexus; we evaluate and develop new context-specific approaches to nature-based solutions, environmental management, climate mitigation and adaptation, human health and well-being (with an urban focus), sustainable food systems, and sustainable development. This is observed through a lens of equity and justice which enables us to account for intersectionality, integrate indigenous and local knowledge (ILK), and take into consideration pre-existing and potential inequalities to ensure our research contributes to the success of international agreements and programmes that are vital to the planet’s health and well-being.

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An environmental management decision-tool for inclusive, equitable and representative stakeholder attributeidentification and mapping.

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Centre for Environmental Policy
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